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To see these tokens in your MetaMask wallet, you’d need to add them manually, using the token contract address that you can find in the minting or buying transaction on Etherscan. It’s generally unnecessary, however, to add them to MetaMask; the Ruler website can see them just fine when you interact with the site.

Yes. Since the Ruler platform is operated by smart contracts on the Ethereum network, the rules are enforced by software. If a loan is unpaid by expiration, the protocol will distribute the collateral to the liquidity providers.

“Put options” provide protection against downside movement of an asset’s price. In the case that the value of your collateral were to collapse, as a borrower you could always choose not to repay your loan, keeping the loan proceeds. This downside protection against a fall in your collateral value is effectively a put option.

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    What is Ruler?

    The leader in peer-to-peer, non-liquidatable DeFi credit.

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    Borrow USD on Ruler

    Without risk of collateral liquidation

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    Lend USD on Ruler

    Earn interest rate and farming yield

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    Invest in the Ruler platform

    Hold the RULER token and earn a portion of Ruler revenue

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    Special Opportunities

    Interesting earning opportunities arising from market dynamics

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    About the Ruler Project

    Vision, innovation and capability

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You got questions. We got answers.

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    Ruler Protocol Resources

    Essential resources of the Ruler ecosystem.