About the Ruler Project

Vision, innovation and capability

The Ruler project was founded by the same team that founded and operate the Cover Protocol peer-to-peer coverage platform. Although anonymous, the team has a demonstrated track record of innovative vision and technical capability necessary to develop and operate a secure DeFi financial platform.

As testiment to the credibility of the team, highly-regard crypto participant “Sifu” made a one million USD investment into the project, in March of 2021.

Certain decisions in the operations of the Ruler project are voted on by liquidity providers in the RULER-ETH SushiSwap pool. For example, voting on the addition of new collateral types.

Let’s now look at some frequently asked questions

  1. 1

    What is Ruler?

    The leader in peer-to-peer, non-liquidatable DeFi credit.

  2. 2

    Borrow USD on Ruler

    Without risk of collateral liquidation

  3. 3

    Lend USD on Ruler

    Earn interest rate and farming yield

  4. 4

    Invest in the Ruler platform

    Hold the RULER token and earn a portion of Ruler revenue

  5. 5

    Special Opportunities

    Interesting earning opportunities arising from market dynamics

  6. 6

    About the Ruler Project

    Vision, innovation and capability

  7. 7

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You got questions. We got answers.

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    Ruler Protocol Resources

    Essential resources of the Ruler ecosystem.